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2013 Ohio State Football Preview

This 71-page ebook comes packed with everything you need to know for Year 2 of the Urban Meyer era in Columbus. From depth charts, advanced stats, a deep-dive into the schedule, and new coaches in the league, to technical breakdowns of offensive and defensive philosophy and a guide to being a better Buckeye fan, it's all here.

Lovingly crafted by your friends at Eleven Warriors, this Ohio State season preview is all you need ahead of what's sure to be an epic run from the Buckeyes.



  1. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the 2013 Buckeyes by Michael Citro
  2. Previewing the 2013 Buckeye Offense by Jeff Beck
  3. O Captain! My Captain! – Leadership on the '13 Buckeyes by Johnny Ginter
  4. Year 2: No Secrets by Ramzy Nasrallah
  5. Strangers in Paradise: 2013 Impact Freshmen by Chris Lauderback
  6. The New Coaching Faces of the Big Ten by Vico
  7. Previewing the 2013 Buckeye Defense by Johnny Ginter
  8. Ghost in the Machine: Weird 2012 Ohio State Stats by Chad Peltier
  9. 2002 and What it Means for 2013 by Joe Beale
  10. Offensive Plays to Know for the 2013 Buckeyes by Ross Fulton
  11. For Chris Carter, Slimmer is Better by Kyle Rowland
  12. Previewing the 2013 Buckeye Special Teams by Michael Citro
  13. Previewing the 2013 Michigan Wolverines by Jeff Beck
  14. Depth Charting the 2013 Ohio State Buckeyes by Michael Citro
  15. Opponent Preview: The 1st Four by Jeff Beck
  16. The Contenders: Who's Fighting for the Final BCS Trophy by Johnny Ginter
  17. Be a Better Buckeye: A Five-Step Program by Ramzy Nasrallah
  18. The National: A Roundtable on Ohio State's 2013 Season by Chris Lauderback
  19. Beyond the Watch List: The 2013 Buckeyes' Prospects for National Awards by Vico
  20. Opponent Preview: The 2nd Four by Johnny Ginter
  21. Prognosticating 2013: What Kind of Stats to Expect from Key Players by Chad Peltier
  22. Don't Sleep on These Guys by Joe Beale
  23. Defensive Plays to Know for the 2013 Buckeyes by Ross Fulton
  24. Opponent Preview: The Final Four by Michael Citro
  25. Eleven Warriors Roundtable: 2013 Ohio State Football Season Outlook by Jeff Beck


// EDITOR: Johnny Ginter


You will receive this ebook as a full-color, 71-page PDF, ensuring compatibility across all mobile devices and tablets.