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2012 Eleven Warriors Season Preview

Written by your favorite writers from Eleven Warriors, this eBook is packed with analysis, insight and in-depth coverage to prepare any Buckeye fan for the Urban Meyer era in Columbus.

This 61-page title covers everything from team depth, sleeper players, and special teams to the schedule, revenge games and a deep dive into Urban Meyer and Tom Herman's offese at Ohio State.

When you buy this book, you get it in PDF, EPUB and MOBI formats, so you can read it on your computer, iPad, Kindle or other eBook reader!

Table of Contents:

  1. Temporary King by Chris Lauderback
  2. A Backup to Believe In by Johnny Ginter
  3. Opening the Floodgates by Chad Peltier
  4. The Departed by Ramzy Nasrallah
  5. Meyer's Men by David Sokol
  6. Eleven Years Ago: The Dawn of the Tressel Era by Joe Beale
  7. Silver Bullets Post-Heacock by Alex Gleitman
  8. Get Your Coffee Ready: Don't Sleep on These Players by Jeff Beck
  9. A Crash Course in Urban Game Planning by Ross Fulton
  10. Special Units Win Championships by Alex Gleitman
  11. Eleven Warriors Roundtable by Elika Sadeghi
  12. Ninety-Nine Days by Sarah Hardy
  13. The Road to 4-0 by Chris Lauderback
  14. Urbanball: Clock & Ball Control by Chad Peltier
  15. Final Destination: Ramzy Nasrallah
  16. Destination: Redshirt by David Sokol
  17. The Ineligibowls by Alex Gletiman
  18. Don't Step In It by Jeff Beck
  19. Around the B1G: New Offensive Philosophies & Looks by Ross Fulton
  20. The Furious Five by Alex Gleitman
  21. Beyond the Buckeye Bubble by Elika Sadeghi
  22. The End of the Beginning by Sarah Hardy

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